5 Signs It’s Time To Let Go Of A Relationship


Whether it’s a significant other, friend, or family member, we naturally do not want to bring any hurt upon them or ourselves. There are times, however, where letting go of someone may be the best thing to do even when it doesn’t feel good in the present. After all, this is your life and only you can make the ultimate decision whether or not that person fits into it. Here are 5 sign to say goodbye to your relationship. 

1.  When you are with your friend you can’t be yourself


When you’re with the “right” person you don’t have to fake anything: you can be yourself. You can be foolish and clumsy and not feel guilty about it. When you’re together you behave naturally, as if you were alone. If in your relationship you have to turn to your acting skills too often, you deprive yourself of the experience of being authentic, which holds you back from developing your relationship.

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2. Partner is too jealous

You’re dating an overly jealous and possessive freak if he or she causes big scenes in public, controls your calls, social media use, etc. You have to realize it does not love. It’s a form of psychological abuse, and it shouldn’t be ignored.

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