5 Signs You Are Unattractive And You Don’t Even Realize It!


I’m sure you’d punch the next person in the face if they told you that you had fallen off the attractive bandwagon. I’d probably do the same. But let’s deal with this, shall we? You may think that it may be age. Or maybe, just maybe, life has caught up with you in such a way that you have forgotten to take care of yourself. 

Well, we have gathered for you 5 signs you’re unattractive and you don’t even realize it!



1. You have a bad Attitude

Attractiveness does not come from the external, it comes from within, too. Therefore, if you’ve noticed that you’re not so popular anymore and that less and fewer invitations are getting sent your way it’s not about any external factor. Although it could be, you don’t want friends like that anyway, so whatever and goodbye. People tend to shy away from people with bad attitudes.

Change your attitude, help the needy, say something nice to someone, watch a happy movie, do anything to change those negative vibes into positive ones and return to your attractive self again.