5 Sure Things That Will Happen To You When You Date a Drug Addict


Of course, there are medical and legal ways of assisting drug addicts if it is not too late already.

It is always hard to walk away because you feel sorry for your partner and believe they would change. They rarely change. Drug addiction is a battle that could last a lifetime. Here are 5 things that happen when you date a drug addict.


1. They would apologize to you and seek your forgiveness.

Many times they would apologize to you and seek your forgiveness. Yes, we all know it is tough trying to be a better person, and as much as they want to make you happy, they are constantly at war with themselves. The hard part is that you would have to be as tolerant as possible to keep them in your world. 

2. They are as scared as you.

Yes, I was scared for my girlfriend. I was always wondering what was going to happen to her when she got caught with drugs or her reputation in society. Then there is the medical issue. I was pretty much scared of her. But I guess she was scared for me too. Even though I was scared of losing her, I knew she was scared to lose the fantasy that the drugs provided.