5 Surprising Things Men Find Attractive About Women


You have probably heard men say that women are complicated when it comes to dating. But we think that they are actually a little bit weird when they talk about what makes a woman beautiful. And you will be surprised to know that the science of attraction agrees with them. That’s why we are showing you 5 surprising things men find attractive about women.  

Every body is beautiful. Even if fashion magazines are only showing you pictures of really thin women, science articles are showing you something that could be even more attractive: big hips. That’s right, having more fat there could make you a better partner. 


Stay tuned to know more about the surprising things men find attractive like high heels, red lips, a smile, Tanlines, long hair, a high voice, and more. 

1. Long Arms 

We’ve heard before that long legs are beautiful before, but who thought that long arms were attractive? Actually, arms are even more important than legs. Scientists wanted to find out what makes a woman beautiful and they looked at different traits. We expected them to prove that men did like young and tall women with narrow waists. But it was surprising to see that tall women who have longer arms were high on the list.

However, they just told us that it was more attractive, and didn’t ask themselves why. We think that it might be simply because it’s easier to see people’s arms than people’s legs, so men would pay more attention to that if they are looking for a tall and strong woman. Moreover, arms are great for hugging, and we can never get enough of that.