5 Terrifying Signs That Suggest You Might Be Living In A Haunted House


Maybe in your childhood home has the ghost of a dead person living in it? Maybe it’s got the soul of a serial killer wandering the corridors, something eerie and unsettling? How are you able to tell? It’s not like we’ve got ectoplasm detectors on our persons at all times to be able to tell. So how?

Well, we’ve compiled a list for you, a list of theatrics that certain haunted areas show and if you see these things in your own home, it might be time to move house. From disappearing objects to your pets becoming the otherworldly detectors to tell you what’s up, this list, while not comprehensive, will certainly give you an idea of what you might be dealing with, if at all. If you’re easily spooked, I suggest you click away to something else, because considering how many human beings have been on this Earth before you have, I’d say the odds of you coming out of it unscathed without something trying to get your attention is slim to none. Here are some terrifying signs that show you live in a haunted house. 


1. Random chills

Your heater is working fine, you’re under a few blankets, you’re comfortable and warm, and then suddenly, it’s cold. Not even your entire body, but a very specific part. Like some parts of your feet or leg, or maybe your shoulder. Those could be areas where a ghost just touched you.

The working theory is that because ghosts don’t belong in our world, to exist, they suck in energy from the area around them. That’s why the common depiction of a ghost involves a lot of flickering lights too because they’re sucking on the electrical energy.

2. The DOP effect

Known as the Disappearing Object Phenomena, this effect is when items you know you placed in one place disappear and show up elsewhere without meaning. For example, you know full well where you placed your scissors, but instead, you find a sock there, and you find your scissors where the sock ought to be.

That might just be your ghostly friends saying hello. In return, you could either get an Ouija board and try to communicate with them back.