5 Things You Can Give Your Girlfriend Instead Of An Engagement Ring!


Proposals ought to be special, for a good reason. Even if you get rejected, it shouldn’t be that your engagement ring was cheap, or something of the sort. You’d want it to be said that it was the best proposal made, whether your girlfriend says yes or no. If there’s one thing that guys stress about during these times, is the engagement ring. But those things are so last century.

Here are five things you can give your girlfriend instead of an engagement ring that will scream ‘responsible’.


5. Down Payment for a House

There is no girl out there who would not want to be secure. So, if you have really strong feelings that she will say yes, then this would be a practical ‘engagement ring’ alternative. Aside from the fact that it screams ‘responsible man’ (or woman) this will add you bonus points for thinking of the future and will convince her that you are the right person to spend the rest of her life with. It may sound a lot when you pay the down payment upfront, but after that, you will only be paying monthly installments. But at least you’ll end up with a house and not just a ring worth hundreds and thousands of dollars. 

4. Couple Tattoos

We strongly advise you to try this if you and your partner want to make a statement with ink and art. It may not be as expensive as an engagement ring, but it doesn’t lessen the romance and the intention of wanting to be with each other for a long time. We know there’s the stereotype that goes on that tattoos are not an art or they show a rough attitude, but who said a couple tattoo is to please the world?! It’s just for the two of you to know how much you mean to each other. If you want to marry the person that makes you feel complete, how best to show it than through a couple tattoo.