5 Virginity Myths You Probably Believe


Right around the time you hit puberty, chances are appropriate that you acquired the speak. Or, to be greater specific, The talk–a conversation so grave and crucial, possibly. That it almost requires a caps-heavy title. The actual content material of this communicate varies among peoplebutcommonly, it circles around various puberty-related mattersintervals, body hair, frame odor–and centers on the concept of having intercourse for the primary time, which, more often than no longer, is framed as “dropping” one’s virginity. This implies, of course, that one’s virginity is something that is inherently a part of them, and that the act of dropping it will be, as is the case when losing most thingsat the least vaguely stressful.
Now, I don’t want to be that man or woman who’s always all, like, “virginity is a social construct that is unfairly and disproportionately foisted upon femaleoffering humans to be able to preserve their so-referred to as purity, that is in and of itself a social assemble.” however. Virginity is a social construct this is unfairly and disproportionately foisted upon femaleimparting human beings so one can hold their so-referred to as purity, which is in and of itself a social construct. Here are a few misconceptions about virginity that you probably believe.

1.  You’ll definitely bleed the first time you have sex


The “cherry popping” myth is that everyone bleeds a fairly noticeable amount the first time they have sex. It is true that some people bleed and experience pain during their first time having sex, but that’s more to do with a lack of lubrication in the vagina, which can result in small tears and fissures. This means that any bleeding or pain that you experience during your first time is more likely the result of a guy who didn’t have the patience to spend time on foreplay and shoved it in before you were ready. 

2. You will be Irrevocably changed after the first time you have sex

A lot of people tend to think that they will experience a big, noticeable shift in their body, personality, whatever, right after having sex for the first time. Nope! You’ll still be you. The only difference will be that, before, you were a person who hadn’t technically had sex, and, after, you will be a person who has had sex. That’s it! It can be exciting, of course, new things are fun. But you won’t be a totally new, grown-up person.

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