6 Amazing Discoveries That Can’t Be Explained


One of the hardest things we have to accept in life is that we don’t know all the answer while the earth is million years old, humanity is still young. This means we still getting to the world around us.

Here are 10 shocking discoveries that can’t be explained.


1.Allien Megastructure 

In 2015 scientists discovered a cluster of objects in space that is so strange, that they can’t explain it. The discovery was made by the Kepler Telescope when tracking the light patterns, the result showed that the object nor the lights were planet-shaped. As the scientist continue study star, results are getting stranger because the star becoming¬†dimmer.

2. Crystal Skulls

They’re skulls completely¬†made out of crystals with their origin unknown. With a theory that they all came from Mexico. It is believed that these crystals skulls had healing power and emit energy.