6 Awkward Things Extremely Boring People Do


Sometimes we are bored, sometimes boring people happen to us! Whether or not we want them to be a part of our circle, they just appear out of nowhere or maybe the world is full of boring people leading boring lives. I wonder if there is anyone who has ever not worried about being boring maybe only people so full of themselves that it never occurs to them that they could be anything but fascinating to those around them. Or maybe people who really are fascinating, and just don’t know it. Here are 6 awkward things extremely boring people do.

1. Unbalanced conversations


Some people cannot figure out when to speak or when to keep quiet. Most of the boring people are usually on the extremes. They either talk and talk or they just keep quiet and do not contribute to a conversation. There exists an imbalance of both ends.

2. Seriousness

Coming across as very serious, rarely smiling.