6 Basic Mistakes You’re Making While Applying Makeup


We apply makeup on daily basis. But the truth is no matter how much we know about applying makeup, we are doing it wrong. Avoid these common makeup mistakes for a perfect look. Wrong makeup can sometimes make you appear older. Every year there’s a number of makeup trends that emerge and become mainstream but it doesn’t mean it will look good on everyone.

1. Don’t apply Makeup with your Finger


A makeup artist, Elena Creazzo said, “No matter how clean your hands are, you’ll have natural oils on your fingers.” When this oil gets into your skin, your makeup ends up looking streaky. Artist recommends using a brush or sponge to blend primer or foundation.

2. Don’t apply too much Foundation

Try to avoid applying a thick layer of foundation, if you are having a sensitive skin. It would look like a mask on your skin. After foundation, Use only a light dusting powder to set it in, as using too much will create cracks.