6 Dark Secrets of Disney Princesses


Disney princesses quickly become idols to little girls who dream of finding their prince charming and living they’re happily ever after. But little do they know the Disney fairy tales they have come to love are darker than they appear. Based on grim and disturbing tales, the ever-after in the original stories aren’t so happy. Here are 10 dark secrets of everyone’s favorite Disney princesses.

1. Sleeping beauty


The origin of Disney’s ‘Sleeping Beauty’ is far from the tale we know. In original story Sleeping Beauty raped by King during her cursed sleep and wakes up when one of her baby twins sucks the flax from the spindle out of her finger. When she wakes up, the King returns and Sleeping Beauty ends up falling in love with the man who raped her, who is also married to another woman. His wife tries to kill the princess and has the twins cooked and fed to the King. Her nasty attempts fail and Sleeping Beauty marries the King. Twisted, to say the least. 

2. Snow White

In the original Brothers Grimm story, The evil queen stepmother is much eviler than in the Disney version. Just like in the movie, She demands a hunter to kill Snow White in the forest, But on the top of that, She also asks him to bring back Snow’s lungs and liver so she can eat them for dinner. When the hunter fails to do his duty, the Queens tries two more times to murder Snow, the third time with poisoned apple we know from the Disney version. Snow faints and doesn’t wake up until she is being jostled around while being taken home by the prince. The reason he is bringing home a seemingly dead girl is another problem all in itself.