6 Dark Secrets of Disney Princesses


3. The Little Mermaid

Hans Christian Andersen’s version of ‘The Little Mermaid’ didn’t have Ariel living the happily ever after we know from Disney. Instead of ending up with the Prince, The Little Mermaid dissolves into sea foam. In the Movie, The Little Mermaid can be a human only if she gets the prince to fall in love with her, but without her tongue that has been cut out by the sea witch, that proves to be impossible. And yes she has been giving legs, But every step she takes feels like she is walking on shards of glass. The sea witch ordered her to kill the Prince or turn to sea foam. She chooses to seam foam and is trapped in a limbo for eternity. 


4. Cinderella

The ‘Cinderella’ is quite gruesome and disturbing. To fit into the glass slipper, One of the stepsisters cuts off her toes and the other cuts off her heel. The Prince eventually realizes the owner of the slipper is Cinderella after finding the blood on the shoe. Realizing they better suck up to Cinderella, the sisters attend her wedding and end up having their eyes picked out by birds.