6 DIY Beauty Hacks That Can Damage Your Skin


It’s easy to get sucked into the DIY beauty craze who wouldn’t want to clear acne, unclog pores and have healthy and glowing skin just from using some common household products? ¬†Although you may think these hacks are harmless, many of them can actually damage your skin. Here are 5 DIY beauty hacks that can damage your skin.¬†

1. Removing blackheads with glue


Using glue to remove blackheads seems like a good idea, but actually, this is one DIY beauty hacks that you should definitely avoid. Putting glue on your skin leads to allergic reaction.

2. Rubbing Alcohol on your face to get rid of the acne

Rubbing an alcohol on acne breakouts help to dry out zits, but rubbing an alcohol is actually harmful to your skin. Using an alcohol on acne can lead to skin peeling. It strips the skin, leaving and irritated.