6 Mysterious But Significant Facts About Vaginal Discharge


Vaginal discharge is not fun or not much exciting but most girls are familiar with this vaginal discharge. That sticky stuff that comes out from your vagina, and ruins your underwear is vaginal discharge. The good information is that vaginal discharge is totally normal. However, that doesn’t make it any less weird or stressful. Our bodies are quite weird, but the more we recognise them, the less complicated it’s far for us to recognize what exactly goes on with us.

If you have a vagina and you have experienced discharge, then you ought to be sure to check out these weird and mysterious but critical records about vaginal discharge so that you can get more acquainted with what’s going on down there.



Soy Milk Can Increase Your Discharge

This sounds weird but this is true. Any food products that contain soy can increase vaginal discharge. But sometimes it’s good for your health when you have trouble in getting wet. If you are feeling too much discharge then g and have a look at your eating things. 


Smoking Can Reduce your Vaginal Discharge

There are many reasons to not to smoke. But this reason is somehow important because smoking can cause vaginal dryness. And dry vagina can cause sex more and more painful than you think. So don’t smoke for your overall and vaginal health.