6 People Who Definitely Have The Best Snaps chat Stories Ever


With above 800 million users, we are pretty sure that you have heard of the Snapchat. But, just because you are a user of this app too, it doesn’t conclude that you’re a Snapchat winner. It takes a smart eye and a quick imagination, but these people had the perfect combination to make the Snapchat gold! 

From a woman who refuses to get physical with his boyfriend and chooses Xbox, to all the single ladies sculpture in the museum, Here are 6 people who win the Snapchat with their best stories ever. 



1. Heart Broken Comeback 

There was a particular Snapchat trend at the end of 2016 that had guys using cheesy lines to hit on girls. One girl had enough of the trend and used her Snapchat story to post her comebacks to all the “Heartbroken” guys.

The snaps featured her using puns to get her point across such as “All these lights, but I want to turn you off.” Which not only makes it clear how she feels but also makes her every girl who has dealt with unwanted pickup lines’ hero.