6 Shocking Facts You Didn’t Know About Our Planet

We live on the most amazing planet in our Solar System. And if you look from up there, the life on our planet with its volcanic eruptions, meteorites falling and ocean bottom monsters seems much like a Hollywood blockbuster. There are tsunamis, wars, people are born and die all the time. You might say it’s pretty bizarre! I wonder if we really know anything about our planet at all. Today, we bring you shocking facts you probably never knew about our planet. 
Even when you think you stand still – you move. In fact you’re moving pretty rapidly right now. It s because the earth spins on its axis. Depending on where you are on the globe, your speed is different, the average speed is about 160 km. per hour. People who live close to the equator area move faster and those who live close to North or South Pole move slower. The movement never ever stops as the earth revolves around the sun with an impossible speed, about 108 thousand km. per hour.
The lowest temperature ever registered on the planet Earth is -89.2 degrees Celsius. It was measured on 21 of July in 1983 at the station in Antarctica. The highest temperature ever registered was 56.7 on the 10th of July in 1913 in the Death Valley in the USA.