6 Signs, Why Your Crushes Keep Rejecting You


Rejection is not appreciable at all. But unfortunately, many of us have to face it at any point in life. No one likes rejection, but occasionally it became the destiny. Despite all the reasons behind the scenes, its reality that sometimes our destiny is best for us, and we have to accept that reality. Even sometimes it’s hurting your ego to be rejected by your crush. But in this type of situation, we have to pick ourselves up and face the situation properly. You have to realize that this would be the best for yourself so that it’s happening. Even it’s the difficult most to accept it, but you have to accept it at any cost. Because you know you are not wrong at all, but some reasons for rejection are described below.

1. Your Crushes Aren’t Into You


Sometimes your crushes are not into you and you have to face rejection due to the fact that both of the lovers don’t know that they have to move their relationship on which side.  

 2. You Aren’t Making Your Feelings Clear

Sometimes you don’t make your feeling clear in front of your partner and this became the reason for rejection.