6 Things You Definitely Won’t See In North Korea


You may hear once about the strange things you probably see in North Korea. The Hunger, Poverty, pics of past and present political leaders everywhere, But what about the everyday stuff you won’t be seeing you visit? We will tell you about few things we assume mundane, that is either taboo or harshly punished in North Korea. While people of South Korea freely wear jeans or mini skirts, women’s of the North Korea were only allowed to wear pants at all very recently.

South Korea has the fastest internet in the world, but people in North Korea hardly get any signal for their phone, no need to mention that they’re absolutely not allowed to make any international call. Drinking is very common in South Korea, But the citizens of North Korea are only allowed to drink alcohol under very serious circumstances, and indulging in an unauthorized cocktail can have huge penalties. Here we are discussing 6 things you definitely won’t see in North Korea. 


1. Animals

Much like most parts of North Korea, their zoo is absolutely depressing. Don’t expect to see exotic animals here, or even particularly well taken care of ones. Although, they recently got their star primate to stop smoking cigarettes. No really, they feature a lot of mundane animals such as dogs in their exhibits.

In contrast, South Korea has a variety of zoos featuring an impressive collection of both native and international animals.