6 Things No One Is Allowed To Buy In North Korea


Because of strict United Nations sanctions and the harsh rules set in place by the North Korean government, its residents are limited in terms of what they can buy. You probably don’t think twice about buying a house, purchasing a Starbucks coffee, stocking up on sanitary napkins, or booking a weekend vacation. However, many North Koreans won’t be able to experience these things.

If you’d like to see a list of items you can’t buy in the country, make sure to read the article till the end. 


1. Magazines 

Everything that’s printed and provided to the people is controlled by the government and its leader, Kim Jong-Un. This means, picking up a “Vogue” magazine, flipping through the page of “Go” or checking out the latest articles in “Time” magazine is almost impossible for North Koreans. Instead, the country heavily monitors all of the information that goes in and out of the country. This is done in an attempt to keep citizens from being brainwashed by foreign media.

If the magazine wasn’t produced by the government, it’s considered illegal and will be destroyed. Every single newspaper and magazine that’s available is used to help spread the country’s propaganda and to keep the citizens updated on their leader’s daily activities.