6 Things You Should Not Do While Cleaning Your Vagina


Girls love their vaginas, but sometimes they’re not fully appreciated. We are too busy complaining about how uncomfortable our periods. But not only do they make sex and masturbating feel hot, they allow us to go to the bathroom, they can give birth to children, and they can clean themselves. Discharge is actually your vagina’s own way of cleaning itself. Cleaning your vagina is about balance. but cleaning it too much with the wrong products can cause irritation and yeast infections.

So, before you go for the soap and loofah, have a look at these six things you should not do while cleaning your vagina.




Don’t rub there because you’re washing it, not masturbating. Too much rubbing can cause irritation, especially if you’re doing it with a harsh soap that you shouldn’t be used there.



You shouldn’t use such products on your vagina. Don’t use them, if these products are not meant for your vagina. Your vagina cleans itself, if you start using other products, it can throw the bacteria levels off, causing trouble.