This 6-Year-Old Boy Makes $11 Million Per Year And We’re All Envious Of His Job


Most people don’t enjoy their jobs, and most people don’t get paid very much either, but Ryan isn’t most people. He’s an internet star making $11 million per year by reviewing toys on YouTube, and the craziest part is that he’s only six years old. He’s the presenter of Ryan ToysReview, an online channel with over 10 million subscribers, and according to Forbes, he was the joint eighth highest paid YouTuber last year after raking in $11 million in pre-tax income. He started the channel in 2015 when he was just four years old, and since then he’s racked up billions of views which have generated some massive revenue for the youngster. His channel became a hit after his Giant Egg Surprise video went viral (it’s been viewed over 800 million times), and now he’s so popular that his mom Loann, a former science teacher, has quit her job to work on his account full time. Jealous much? We certainly are.

Meet Ryan, the 6-year-old who’s living the dream.


He’s the star of a family YouTube channel called Ryan ToysReview that makes a whopping $11 million per year!