7 Everyday Things Outsiders Should Know are Not Legal in North Korea


North Korea is a state that’s quite secretive to most of the new people and outsiders. To prove this, we are presenting you 7 everyday things that are not legal in North Korea. 


Every year, millions of people take a break from work and head out on vacation. You can travel, move out and go any places when you are tired and want to get some break. Taking pictures is normal when you are out but this is not the case in North Korea. Tourists who travel to the authoritarian state are not free to do what they want. You are not allowed to visit every place and never think of taking pictures of a nice place. 


Freedom of religion is what most of us take for granted. After all, you can go to a church pretty much any time, anywhere. Even talk openly about religion to others in your home or a public place. This is something legal and common in most countries. As the state is officially communist, preaching religion or discussing it publically may land you in trouble. Over the past few years, many people have been arrested and put behind the bars.