7 Psychological Tricks To Get Into Man Head And Think Like He Thinks!


Men don’t approach dating and relationships at all like women do. So if you want a guy to chase you then you need to know male psychology. It is really important that you know what he thinks?

Today at Borlem we’ll share 7 psychological tricks to get into man’s head:


1.Play Hard To Get 

 Always keep it in your mind. Don’t be the girl that’s easy to get. Don’t always be available every time he wants to chat or get together. Tell him you are busy and say no once in a while just to remind him he’s got to work if wants you. It’s the oldest trick in the book but it’s also one of the best. Image result for play hard to get gif

2. Stop Chasing Him

“Be the chase, not the one who does the chasing”. If you want that he chase you, first stop chasing him and give him some space to do so. Men always like a woman who allows them to pursue. 

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