7 Signs That Show A Woman Is Not Virgin


People have many different reasons for having relationships which may involve companionship, friendship, marriage and what have you. But, some elements such as trust and faith are important for its survival. Knowing if that one person you cared about told you the truth about her virginity is probably key to the development of the relationship and although it may be easy as you grow more and garner experience, it is usually uneasy at first.It is a well-known fact that spotting if she’s a Virgin is best determined through direct inspection at most times, it is difficult to differentiate virgins and non-virgins behaviourally. More often than not, ladies that flirt a lot are most certainly not virgins so are the attractively shy and conservative ones too. 

Here some signs that show a woman is not virgin. 


1. Nose

A woman who is not a virgin is seen from her nose. The tip of her nose is reddish in color if she is a virgin. If you touch the tip of the nose it appears red. Sometimes the color is not easily visible. After intimacy, the red color disappears.

2. Eye

When the bottom of the petals folded a bit and there is a sign of bruising ( bruise marks) means the girl is not a virgin anymore. A girl who is still virgin has no black stripe. Also when she laughs, a virgin girl has no wrinkles under her eyelids.

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