7 Things You Should Never Ever Do to Your Penis


In an excellent world, every person‘s genitals would include education manuals as thick as those that come inside the glove compartment of your vehicle. They had been complete with useful diagrams and characteristic an entire chapter on the high-quality way to present the proprietor an orgasm. However, they do not exist because human beings do not have a glove compartment (you could make a case for the butt efficaciously being a glove compartment however who wants to roll up an preparation manual and wedge it in there). My factor is, there are proper and mistaken makes use of a penis. You’re probably familiar with the proper makes use of. And with any luck you’re good enough with the unsuitable makes use ofhowever just in case you‘re now not, here are some things you should never ever do to your penis.

1.  Don’t bite a penis


The skin surrounding the penis is incredibly sensitive and sticking it could result in serious injury.

2.  Don’t apply excessive friction to a penis

While some friction is stirred, vigorous friction could result in what is basically rug burn. Ignoring this rule could result in a trip to the hospital wherein a doctor will disapprovingly say, “That’s a friction burn.”

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