7 Warning Signs That Your Boyfriend Is Toxic


When your boyfriend looks into your eyes to not see the most intimate part of your soul but to see his own reflection so he can fix his hair, he is a toxic guy. There are a good number of ways to assess if your guy is this kind of guy. The list below contains simple and easy to understand points for all women to find out when their men are being toxic. 

1. He compares you to other girls 


There is nothing more disrespecting for a woman than when his man compares her to other women or his own exes. So whenever your man holds a cheap kind of comparison of you with his exes, he is not the right guy and should be given a BYE. With comparison, he makes you feel that you are not a good woman, even if you are the best girl in the world. 

2. You don’t feel like you are a priority 

Every woman wants his man to make her feel special, with his actions, love, and words. When your man is going cute to controlling, it’s something you should be worried. It’s a big indication that you are in a toxic relationship that would not work too long. Never let your man control your moves, your life and what you are doing. It’s like losing all of your freedom.