7 Weird Gross Things Girls Do But They Never Admit It Publicly


If you are a girl , society always expected from you to behave according to settled norms but girls are not porcelain dolls. They are the prettier and better mannered half for sure than the boys but girls are diffidently gross too.

Here are the top 7 secretly gross things girls do and if you show this to a girl and she says she cannot relate, she’s lying!


1. Picking Your Nose And Flicking Your Boogers Away

A nice, well-mannered girl would, of course, never pick her nose in public. But there’s nothing like coming home after a long day and digging for gold. Turns out, it’s a child-like habit you never outgrow.

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2.Dig Out Ingrown Hair 

Really enjoying digging out ingrown hair. Having whole sessions with the tweezers where you get every single one.Plucking your nipple hair and the ones around your belly button.

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