8 Celebrities Who Are Seriously Lacking



Ben Affleck


A co-star of Ben Affleck told that Ben doesn’t pack that much heat. He gathered this info after seeing him undress for a couple scenes in their film Armageddon and, after taking a look at Ben’s entire package, actually said: “This is it, huh?” Clarke even joked that the editors of People magazine “must not have seen him naked” after naming him their “Sexiest Man Alive” once. Burn.

Brad Pitt

We find out that Pitt shops in the extra-small department of the boxers and briefs section. Years ago, when ex-girlfriend Juliette Lewis was asked about how good ol’ Brad was in the bedroom, she laughed and said: “he was no BIG deal”. Ouch. It also didn’t help that bestie George Clooney once stuck a not so nice bumper sticker on Pitt’s car as a practical joke.