8 Crazy Things That Happened To Me During Pregnancy


How many people told you that being pregnant would make you this glowing amazing bump of joy? If you have experienced pregnancy in the ‘real world’ and not the ‘Instagram world’ then you know this is a bunch of bull. There are so many gross things that happen while you are pregnant that no one failed to mention to me! Like WTF guys….

1. You can get the worst and most painful acne EVER!!!

Remember when you had acne as a teenager? Pregnancy acne is like teenage acne on steroids…All over your neck, your ears, your chin, your back, your chest, and in ‘other’ spots you didn’t know acne could exist. What about that pregnancy glow huh?


2. Nosebleeds

Nosebleeds happening all the time? Yep. Is your nose always runny? Yep. Better invest in some heavy duty Kleenex while you are pregnant. The worst part? Foods that you loved now smell like poop. Literal, poop. I hated the smell of cooked rice when I was pregnant…I didn’t know cooked rice smelled like anything to begin with! Oh and your husband? He smells all the time…Like poop.