8 Fascinating Facts About Butt Hair That Should Not Be Ignored


Women in the media are portrayed as beautiful if they’re tall, skinny, and perfectly hairless. Of course, we all know that’s not the case. In reality, women are just as gross as men when it comes to bodily functions: we burp, we fart, and we poop. And surprise, surprise, we have body hair! Now, some women choose to remove their body hair by waxing, tweezing, or shaving, but the hair still grows before it can be removed. Although women don’t have hair in all the same places as men — we don’t often have chest hair or back hair, at least not in the amounts men usually do — we do have armpit hair, leg hair, pubic hair, and even butt hair. Yes, butt hair. Many women are embarrassed about having hair on (or between) their butt cheeks, but it’s really no big deal. Find out more about butt hair below!

1. Is Butt Hair Normal?

Yes, butt hair is totally normal! Most women have some sort of butt hair. It may be thin and peach-fuzz-like, or it may be thicker and more coarse, like pubic hair. You may have thin hair, like the kind on your legs or back, on your butt cheeks. Having darker, longer, and thicker hair between your butt cheeks is also totally normal.


2. What Is Butt Hair?

Hair on your butt cheeks is basically just like any other hair on your body. It’s often downy and fairly light. Meanwhile, hair between your butt cheeks (and near your anus) is often more similar to pubic hair — and serves many of the same purposes.