8 Female Moves That Drive All Men Crazy


When a man falls in love then there are many small female moves that will bring a smile, not only to his face but also to his heart. It’s not easy to keep a guy’s attention. You never know what they’re looking for or what may be interesting to them, because men are very simple and have many complex qualities, it’s the female moves that make him stop in his tracks and think, “Wow. She is an incredible person!”

Well, here’s 8 female moves that men love the most because it’s the small things that count.


1. He loves the way you play with his hair. 

Men love to feel that affection when you run your fingers through his hair gently and play with it, while he’s driving or watching a movie together.

2. He loves when you tell him that you miss him.

Whenever he is away from you at the office or with his friends, at intervals call him or text him and express that how much you’re missing him. This manner of yours will make him appreciate you.