8 Hot Guys The Nickelodeon Girls Are Dating In Real Life

Love is in the air for some of our favorite Nickelodeon girls so who exactly are the guys that Nickelodeon girls call BAE and would you believe that a pair of Nick stars may be secretly dating. Today we are revealing 10 boyfriend’s of Nickelodeon girls.
Joey Bragg
It seems like Nickelodeon girls usually rotate boyfriends in and out of their lives but that isn’t the case for Thunderman star Audrey Whitby.  She and her boyfriend Joey Bragg have dated for over three ears and don’t show any signs of trouble in paradise.  Joey even reminisce to Tiger Beat Magazine about how the couple met.  He claimed they met while doing a sketch that involved Joey Dean in his Tighty-Whities.  Audrey liked what
David Boyd
Christian Serratos has come a long way since her days as Susie crabgrass on Ned Declassified School Survival Guide. The actress is all grown up with her role on the walking dead. She is even expecting her first child with longtime rocker boyfriend David Boyd. Christian and David have dated for three years and he is a part of the dance rock band New Politics.