8 Identifying Signs of Hypersexual Disorder


Hypersexual Disorder is an addiction which has no control on the victim over their sexual desires. Like an alcoholic can’t stop himself from drinking, a sex addict with hypersexual disorder can’t have enough of sex. These type of people usually do not feel any form of connection with their partner. This is a disorder that increases from time to time. Sex gives them a temporary escape but, in reality,y they feel loneliness, stress, and anxiety.


People need to understand the symptoms of the hypersexual disorder so they can get the victim to see a therapist before things get worse. Here is the list of 8 Identifying Signs of Hypersexual Disorder.


People with Hypersexual Disorder Masturbate Too Much

Too much masturbation is unhealthy. Sex addict person usually masturbates when engaging in other sexual activities like watching porn or having phone sex.