8 Men Get Brutally Honest About Women’s Body Flaws


Recently our friends at Berry asked several men what they thought about women’s perceived “flaws.” The men were asked to be brutally honest, since they’d be anonymized anyway. Here it goes.

1. “I don’t even care about your arms.”

 “I never see your “fat” or “untoned” arms — but it’s clear that you do every second of every day. Men are simple creatures. We fall into a few categories — and those categories don’t ever include arm guys. We like tits, ass, legs. So am I worried about your arms or knees or hands? No. I’m just looking at your tits and your ass. So have a great time with your arms.”


2. “Most bellies are fine.” 

“I’ll be honest — if your belly is proportionate with the rest of your body, it’s fine. If a lady has a beer gut — well, sure, that can seem unattractive depending on the rest of her body, but more often than not, it’s just more cushion for the pushing’. We definitely don’t want to see someone who doesn’t care for their body, but we really aren’t as damning as you think.”