A Photographer Hid These Heart Breaking Photographs From The Nazi During The Holocaust! And You Need To See Them Right Now!


Holocaust is one of the darkest parts of history that makes us shudder in disgust. The winter of 1944 was when the Holocaust was at its peak. People were being slaughtered like animals. Moreover, residents of the area were shifted to death camps and most people even fled the country.

What shocked us all (in a good way) were some heartbreaking yet beautiful photographs by a Jewish photographer. Henryk Ross, survived the holocaust as he was given work by the Nazi to take identity photos and propaganda shots.


Henryk worked for the Nazi, however, he put his life in danger and took a number of beautiful pictures. Furthermore, these pictures portray the everyday life at the ‘Lodz Ghetto’ in Poland. However, as Ross feared for his life. He hid the photographs in a tin box in his own backyard. He unearthed the box when everything was finally going back to normal a year later.