9 Features That Men Find The Most Attractive In Women


As it turns out, there’s a lot of things men find attractive about women (though most ladies could have told you that without studying the scientific research). As mammals, our biological purpose on this earth is to find a mate and create tiny humans with them. While we’ve kind of grown out of that way of thinking in this modern world, our primal instincts still remain and have a huge impact on what we find physically attractive to our partners.

1. Wide Waist-To-Hips Ratio

If the success of the Kardashians has shown us anything it’s that tiny waist and big hips are ultra-attractive to men. The biological reason for this is that large hips indicate a woman’s appropriateness for childbearing. Doesn’t sound so sexy now!


2. Less Makeup

Studies have proven time and time again that men are more physically attracted to a natural look with less cosmetic products involved. If you’re looking to hook a guy, it’s a good excuse to stop spending all that cash on makeup!