9 Reasons Why Women Actually Cheat More Than Men



1. Two Is Better Than One


Isn’t this saying true in just about every aspect of life? Two jobs are better than one because it brings in double the money, two cars are better than one because you get to choose exactly what car you want to drive today. What can be better than having an awesome boyfriend or an awesome girlfriend? How about having two of them? Two people making your food, two people cleaning up after you and most importantly two people to bring into the bedroom. Now I’m sure guys are reading this and thinking I’m the only man she needs. Wrong! I’m sure you’re a great boyfriend but if she had two of you she would be twice as happy!

2. She Absolutely Needs Attention

Remember that time you told her that you were too busy watching the game to talk? Or how about that time you told her that you just wanted to go hangout with the fellas instead of staying home with her? Well, they may not seem like a big deal but to her it is. While you were out hanging out with your friends she was home lonely and depressed. Now I know what you’re thinking it was just one night! Trust me I know I know but for a female, she wants all of your attention at all times. So if you’re not willing to give it to her then trust me another guy will!