9 Signs That Your Partner Has Lost Interest In The Relationship



A number of good things make a relationship work perfectly. The most important element is love between the two. As long as they are in love, it’s very hard to make them part with one another. But when other things start happening gradually, love vanishes and a relationship heads towards its end. This is extremely important for both the partners to know when and how their partner will break up or loses interest in the relationship. These points will help you understand and figure out the best solutions to save your relationship. 


1. All Sex, No Love

Love is more powerful than sex and when sex dominates love, a relationship heads towards its end. When your partner prefers sex without caring about your feeling and the love between you two, they are probably ready to break up and leave you. Your partner will just focus on their pleasure without considering your choices. 

2. They Start Cheating

There are so many signs to spot if your partner is cheating on you. They will ignore you, they will not give you enough time, they will always make lame excuses to cover up, and they will spend most of their time out of home etc. Whenever your partner starts cheating, they are most probably to find a new partner and have lost interest in you.