A 92-Year-Old Widow Couldn’t Believe Her Eyes When She Saw a Neighbour’s Dog Standing at Her Door


Sally Rewehooeern who is 92 years old lives in Washington and she has been living alone after her husband died in 1990. Her children live in other countries and it was a life all alone for Sally. Her neighbours had bought a puppy, Brody and it’s just 15 weeks old.¬†

One day, Brody decided to make an unannounced visit to Sally and went to her door. It seemed Brody went to make a new friend and it was really a blessing in disguise for Sally too.


She couldn’t believe it when she saw the dog standing at her door. ¬†This was a very happy moment for Sally who has been living alone since 1990. When you get old, no one comes to help you or sit by you for some time but a dog did Sally a great favor.