This Man Drives Hours During Drought to Quenches Thirst of Animals


There is a man in desert who provides water to the wild animals. He is a farmer by profession.He used to serve the living genders on earth. He gets self satisfaction by doing this work. 

He started doing this work because he thinks that it is the best work he can do and if he cant’t then these animals would die of thrust. He started driving hours to a desert with sufficient amount of water. He carries healthy drinking water with him. He has almost 5000 liters water capacity tanker.


As we all know there’s not sufficient amount of water in deserts, probability of rain in deserts is very low as well so someone should courage to help animals. The wild animals like deer, zebras, lions, elephants mostly die due of thrust during such situation. This man helps them live by providing them with healthy water. When this man approaches there,these all wild animals gather around him. 

One day he couldn’t get there because he was not feeling well.The next day he saw that hundreds of wild animals were waiting at the water hole. When he reached there carrying water,  they smelled it nicely and started roaring with happiness.

His passion of serving wildlife animals inspired a lot of people and they started serving animals too in different  ways.

The water Man ”Patrick Kilonzo Mwalua”  who used to serve Water to wild Animals during the time of famine.


He is a farmer in a nearby village who saw the worst effects that global warming was having on Wildlife.