A Restaurant in NYC Only Hires Grandmas Instead of Chefs to Serve Home-Cooked Meals


There are more than 26000 restaurants in NYC where you can eat out and find quality food. Above these all, there is one place where everyone loves going to eat out and that’s a restaurant completely run by grandmas. The restaurant is in Staten Island area.

The story of the restaurant and hiring grandmas will warm your hearts. Jody Scaravella, the owner of the restaurant told that there are more than 30 grandmas from all over the world. Scaravella planned starting a quality food service where he will only employ grandmas from Italy, Europe, the US, Sri Lanka, Russia, Japan and other countries after he lost his parents and grandparents in succession.


The inheritance he got was used to start a restaurant in 2011 and he put an ad in the newspapers immediately looking for grandmas to cook regional dishes. He got tremendous response and soon a family of grandmas was there to work with him. Here are the further details that you would love to know.

Jody Scaravella is the restaurant owner and he started hiring Italian grandmas to cook great meals and comfort food.

He put an ad in the newspapers immediately and the response was overwhelming as there was a family of more than 30 grandmas in the restaurant.