7 Alarming Reasons Your Urine Might Have A Strange Odor


Every day, we all excuse ourselves to the restroom multiple times — but for some reason we’re really shy when it comes to talking about it. You know what it is: Peeing. Urinating. Letting it flow. Relieving yourself. Even though we do it every single day, most of us don’t like to discuss our bathroom habits with other people, even doctors. Sometimes, though, it’s important to pay extra attention to your pee — specifically, what it smells like. You might be thinking that you know what pee smells like, but once in a while everyone’s pee smells a little… well, funky. It might seem gross to think about the smell of your urine, but it can actually be an indication of some health issues. While it may be something minor, like dehydration, the smell of your pee could also indicate a more serious problem, like diabetes. Keep reading to learn more about your pee and what is causing your strange-smelling urine.

1. You Ate Something Weird


There are a lot of foods that can affect the smell of your urine. Onions, garlic, and brussels sprouts can change the smell of your urine, as can beverages like coffee and alcohol.  Perhaps the most notorious pee-influencing food is asparagus, which is well-known for giving you stinky pee. Asparagus, like brussels sprouts and other leafy green veggies, contains a substance called mercaptan that releases a sulphur-like smell when it’s broken down by your body.

2. You’re Dehydrated

Obviously, urinating occurs because of the liquids we ingest. If you aren’t drinking enough, you won’t pee as often. When you do pee, it will be extra pungent (and super dark), since all the vitamins and minerals you’re also peeing out are more concentrated. When your body is well-hydrated, you’ll experience an immediate decrease in urine potency, because the minerals and compounds will be more diluted. If you eat something stinky and are worried about the odor, drinking a big glass of water might help offset the smell.