Artist Creates More Realistic Versions Of Cartoon Characters, And The Result Is Hilarious


What Makes an Artist an Artist?

A professional Artist is a person who creates art and who is skilled at design, drawing, painting, etc. Their task is to create the art of their choice.

Some artists incorporate a number of different mediums into their work. Art can take many forms, but with the exception of some conceptual art, art is the expression of an idea in some sort of physical form. Artists need to work consistently and produce a body of quality work.

Tatiana is a 19-year-old self-taught digital artist that is better known on the internet as TATIMOONS. Now She is gaining more attention due to her realistic takes on popular cartoon characters. This little artist has created digital paintings since June 2016, but she was interested in drawing from a very young age.

Have a look at some of the realistic digital portraits by this little-talented artist.