Baby Born So Premature That Her Brain Was Visible Through Her Skin Beats Odds To Survive


Being a new parent is already a lot to handle, but when a baby is born early, it comes with its own set of challenges. Many parents experience feelings of loss and grief when their baby is born prematurely, for all sorts of reasons, for example, loss of an experience, such as having the type of birth you had planned, breastfeeding or close physical contact with your baby.

Having a premature baby is one of the biggest worries that a new mother can face. While medical science has advanced considerably in recent years and improved survival rates, unfortunately, some babies are simply born too early to survive.


A premature birth typically comes with a large host of complications. The sooner a baby is born, the more difficult the beginning stages of their life can be.

In January’2017, A mother, Cheri Price was taken to hospital after experiencing premature contractions. She was expecting her third child, a daughter, and feared that she would lose her if she arrived so early. After several weeks of fear and anxiety, however, the baby arrived and miraculously survived.

Parents named her Hailie Dillon. She was just 23 weeks and six-days-old when she was born on February 23rd. She was still technically in the fetus stage of development. Because of this, her skin pigmentation had not developed properly, and her skull wasn’t fully formed. She was understandably terrified.

Weighing in at 1 lb 2 oz. The baby was so small and underdeveloped that her brain could be seen through the skin on her head. She was born with a collapsed lung, and for a frightening full seven minutes, didn’t take a single breath.