10+ Beautiful Comics That Teach Us Life Lessons No One Ever Told


In 2010, illustrator Alex Noriega was having some problems at work and so he started a blog as a way to figure out where he was going wrong. “I wanted to put on paper all that I had learned in life as simple as possible and try to see if what was happening around me made any sense,” he says. Although it didn’t help him to make sense of anything, it did however lead to this beautiful series of illustrations.

His blog is called Stuff No One Told Me (SNOTM for short), but while Alex may have learned life’s lessons the hard way, he’s making it easy for the rest of us by teaching us everything we need to know. His illustrations range from sobering reminders of things we often overlook in life to useful nuggets of zen-like wisdom to help us to become more conscientious humans. Take a look for yourself, and don’t say no one told you.

Being successful means something different to everyone so you got to respect it. This lesson no one ever taught us but the life did. We must respect everyone’s success and what they have achieved through their efforts. 


Some of the most interesting people I know, don’t know what to do with their lives. People need to learn the true purpose of their lives and do their best to make a great impact with their presence.