We Bet You Can’t Guess What These 10 Things Are Really Used For


Every day we see lots of objects, and we are so used to this variety that we never even ask ourselves things like, “Why do you actually need a hole in a Chupa Chups stick?”

We at Borlem, however, have done so, and we are genuinely surprised with some of our discoveries.


PomPom On A Cap

Pom-poms are generally perceived as an accessory today, but their history dates back as far as the 18th century. Back then, French sailors wore hats with pom-poms to protect their heads from bumping on low deck ceilings. Later, different army suits included caps with pom-poms, and you could tell the military service by their shape and color.

A Square Hole In The Chupa Chups Stick 

It’s not to save a child from choking, as many believe: that’s what the empty length of the stick is for. The side hole is made to keep the candy on the holder. When it’s dipped into the liquid candy, the hole is filled first, making the whole sweet sit tightly on top.