15 Biggest Turn-Offs For Women When It Comes To Dating Men


According to women, many things that guys do to impress ladies are complete turn offs for them. There are so many things boys do because they believe these are gonna catch a girl with their looks but women find them extremely unpleasant. On the other side, girls like so many other things guys never think about doing or trying. There can actually be a thing of trying too hard and unfortunately, 98% of the male population in this world is guilty of this crime. Simplicity goes a long way when it comes to impressing us women and we would also like to assume we’re dating a person, not a perfectly made up doll that has no flaws. It’s not all fun and games when we realize you’re just being a dick. There are so many things we can’t stand but the pretty generic and obvious ones all of us women can identify are shown below.

1. “Your dick. Stop showing it to me. When I want to see it, I’ll ask.” 



2. “Flaunting your money. Even as an 18-year-old, I always found it off-putting. You have money? Great. You don’t have to remind me every five minutes.”