Black Mother Gives Birth To One In A Million WHITE Daughter With Blue Eyes

Sophia is a black lady, she married to a white Guy named Christopher. Sophia Black is a Marketing Executive while Christopher White is a retired sales manager. Both of them love each other so much, Love was all in the air. They were on cloud nine when they come to know that soon they will be the mother and father of a beautiful angel. They thought that their baby was a beautiful combination of them both. But they were quite surprised when Sophia black gave birth to a beautiful white daughter Tiara having blue eyes.

The doctors said that this is really unbelievable and the probabilities of the now four years old baby as white as her father are million to one. Sophia says strangers don’t even believe that she and her daughter are even associated Also, Sophia has a daughter Donchae, from her ex-husband who was black man. Donchae have complete resemblances with Sophia, she completely looks like her mother. Sophia said “I can’t walk down the road with Tiara without someone”.


People don’t believe Tiara is the girl of Sophia due to her color and the color of her eyes this fact makes her completely different from her mother. In her childhood Sophia didn’t find so much difficulty in telling others about her daughter but she finds such difficulty as she is growing with the passage of time.