Dad Kicks Out Wife And Kids, 30 Years Later He Sees A Waitress And Realizes She Looks Familiar


Sean Whalen knows firsthand the pain and trauma caused by a bitter divorce. He vividly remembers the day he came home as a little boy, only to find his father had changed the locks. There had been a nasty fight earlier that day, and so Sean, his little brother, and his mother were kicked out of their home and suddenly left to fend for themselves. Now that Sean is a single dad to three growing kids, he’s come to understand the strength and determination it took for his mother to push forward, raising him and his brother against all odds. Recently, Sean took his son to grab dinner at a Chinese restaurant. He couldn’t help but notice that there was something oddly familiar about their unassuming waitress. “Over small talk and water refills, I got the sense that this single mom didn’t want to be there but had to be there and she was doing her best to smile,” Sean wrote on Facebook. “It tore my heart out.” The kind yet burdened server reminded Sean of his own mother. Instead of paying his bill and walking away, Sean did something for the waitress at the Chinese restaurant that’s taking the internet by storm. When you see it, I guarantee you’ll be moved in a big, big way…



The day my parents split up is forever etched in my mind.

Me and dad get into a big fight.

Me, mom and my little brother take off cause my dad is going nuts.

We stayed at a hotel that night.

When we came back the next day my dad had changed the locks.

I watched my mom plead with him through the door to let us in to get clothes etc.

He wouldn’t.

We had to go back later that day with a police escort.”


“I’ll never forget the cops handing me a black trash bag saying I had 10 minutes to take the necessities.

I loaded up all the clothes I could fit into the bag, and that was the last time I ever stepped foot into the house I was raised in.

No baseball trophies.
None of my 10,000 baseball cards.
None of my stuff.
Hell, I left my pet turtle.

Me, mom and my little brother moved into a little condo and didn’t have jack shit.

People from the church brought over pots, pans, couches, beds, and food.

My dad cashed out the bank and literally left my mom with the money in her pocket.

Not a damn thing she could do.

No family around.
No real support other than strangers from church.”