Do You Think Your Realtionship is Going Through A Rough Patch? If Yes, Then You Must Read The Following Reasons That May Be Responsible!


You’ve heard about things you should never tolerate in a relationship, and the kinds of people you should never date again. But what about when breaking up isn’t the best option? What do you do when you are in love, but the relationship has hit a rough patch? There is no such thing as a relationship that never hits a rough patch — whether it’s a suddenly waning sex life, boredom, infidelity, or the buildup of little problems over time. Rough patches suck, but they are also signs of a mature, complex relationship. There are such reasons which are responsible for them.

There are such reasons which are responsible for them.


1.We are not prepared to sacrifice ourselves, compromise and love unconditionally. We don’t want to wait. We need everything at once. we don’t have patience. Moreover, we don’t let our feelings grow anymore.

2. After a while, we don’t have time and space for love, because we’re too busy chasing material benefits.